9,000+ strong and still going!


Hey friends, many, many thanks to everyone who’s helped spread the “unchurching” TED Talk on Facebook. Because of all your hard work, the video has over 9,200 views on YouTube now. And this has resulted in a lot of new friend requests, applications to the Unchurching Facebook group, and other sorts of requests to connect online. So, I fully expect some new folks will be joining us here in the forum soon.

Please stay tuned for some other very cool news, coming very, very soon. In the meantime, if you wanna help me share the “unchurching” TED Talk on multiple social media platforms, below are are a handful of links you can use.

Thanks again for helping to get this message out there, guys. I hope it sets a lot of folks free!






A little over a week ago, my husband and I watched your TED Talk together when we “gathered” together (we still haven’t found others here to gather together with…yet). Yesterday we drove to Toledo to meet with an organic ekklesia. We had a wonderful time with those brothers and sisters, and they mentioned they had also watched your TED Talk the previous week! :grinning:


That is soooo cool! Small world, eh? Thank you for sharing that.