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I am the editor-in-chief of the website - since December, 2016. We publish articles pertaining to conservative thought and principles, relating to life, politics, religion, etc. in our country and the world.

Here is one of the best articles I have ever read. It relates freedom - which we celebrate this week for our country - to the heart of the Gospel.

Some quotes from the article.

"Jesus Christ said that the “truth will set you free.” Yet, liberty has morphed from being based in truth to being an end in itself. It is as if many of our citizens were thinking in a circular fashion: we are free to be free because we are…free. Faith in God and in His Providence is bound closely to a true understanding of freedom. We need to be on our knees in prayer day and night, so we will go to sleep with the name of the Lord Jesus on our lips, and a heart overflowing with gratitude and hope.

The political and social freedoms engendered by the U.S. revolution and enshrined in our Constitution together comprise a cultural freedom that is closer to God than the dubious freedoms claimed by many other countries. Our freedom lines up more consistently with the realities, ideas, ideals, rules, and wisdom contained in the Holy Bible. These realities, ideas, and ideals are often referred to in a shorthand way as Judeo-Christian values. These values or “freedoms” (responsible freedom within a context of rights lawfully determined) represent the liberties Lincoln believed lovers of liberty sought to preserve."

I would love to hear any feedback concerning this article, or the website in general. Blessings to all.


I think it’s dangerous to equate the freedom we have in Christ with any type of political or social freedom. The freedom Christ provides is equally powerful in a totalitarian society or a democratic society. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the 4th of July, the American Constitution, or any rights as a citizen. In fact, I can’t think of any “rights” that a Christian possesses.


Let me preface my response by saying that your article looks like something that I would have written twenty years ago. Therefore, please take this as a response to my former self. You seem like a great guy, and you mean well, but I believe that you are sincerely wrong in many areas.

There are plenty of people, myself included, who vehemently disagree with your take on the Palestinian situation. The long list includes Christians (to most certainly include Palestinian Christians), Israeli Citizens (including Orthodox Jews & Rabbis, former military personnel and former government officials), American Jews (including Rabbis), U.S. Veterans for Peace, and U.N. workers who have visited or resided in Bethlehem, Hebron, East Jerusalem, and Gaza for an extended period of time.

Israeli Apartheid, illegal land grabs, destruction of homes, systemic persecution, perpetual harassment, maiming and murdering unarmed civilians (with no “Hamas” in sight), ethnic cleansing, false imprisonment, a military, Palestinian-Only “justice system”, and torture are all hallmarks of the Zionist regime. Women and children are also fair game, while children are specifically targeted.

While I’m certainly not an Anti-Semite (which includes Palestinians), I am unashamedly an Anti-Zionist. I can provide documented video evidence of what I’m saying. Before you scream, “Hamas”, I can tell you that a large percentage of Palestinians just want to live in peace and be free from their open-air prisons and ghettos. This includes our CHRISTIAN brothers and sisters living on the West Bank. I’m willing to guess that you haven’t always agreed with OUR elected officials (or believed that they properly represented you)…especially during the 8 years prior to President Trump (Who I happen to have voted for, so please put your “label gun” up if you have already taken it out of its holster.)

The Article wreaks of revisionist history (i.e.- “Christian” Founding Fathers vs. many being Deists…and much worse), blind nationalism, and a belief system that sacrifices the Beatitudes on the altar of erroneous, war-mongering, Dispensationalist theories which lack a proper exegetical understanding of the Bible, History (Especially the writings of Flavius Josephus pertaining to the events in and around 70 A.D.), Hebrew Idioms, Ancient culture, and fulfilled prophecy.

If you believe that it is a righteous thing for our nation to give Israel $11 million EVERY DAY, I totally disagree. Bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…(and every other unnecessary, political cash cow conflict since WWII) is NOT in keeping with “Judeo-Christian” values either. They are the very antithesis of Judeo-Christian values. Hate your enemies? Bomb your neighbor for monetary gain, world dominance, and your own political interests? Remember, I’m also a well-decorated, honorably discharged, USMC Veteran. I LOVE the U.S.A. & ALL other nations.

Your “Islamic Collective” statement also grossly misrepresents the MAJORITY of Muslims.

You also failed to mention American infanticide (ABORTION), slavery, Jim Crow laws, redlining, systemic police brutality, a corrupt justice system, the many corrupt, bought-and-paid-for politicians, mass incarceration (in FOR-PROFIT jails)…and the list goes on.

You are unwittingly carrying water for a Natural Empire, while misunderstanding the Kingdom of God.

The Church, not Washington D.C. or the Good Ol’ US of A, is God’s Holy Nation, Light of the World and City set on a Hill (New Covenant Zion/ONE New Man/Commonwealth of Israel…comprised of “Jew & Gentile”. See Hebrews 12:22) which cannot be hidden.

Jesus isn’t a “Left Wing” Democrat or a “Right Wing” Republican, nor is He affiliated with any other political party or John Hagee-esque Religious Movement. Jesus is KING! He isn’t “Conservative Truth” or “Liberal Truth”. He is THE TRUTH!

Well, you asked for my feedback. Now, you have it.

You have my Love and respect, but not my agreement on this one.



I agree with Terry and Joe. I think it is dangerous to equate American freedom with freedom in Christ. American freedom is about personal freedom, personal rights, etc. Freedom in Christ is about giving up our rights, dying to ourselves, and enthroning Jesus Christ as our Lord and King.

I’m definitely glad to live here and enjoy the freedom this country does provide. But it seems to me to be something different than the freedom the NT describes.


If you’ve never considered why the politics of this world and the kingdom simply do not mix, I highly recommend listening to these two episodes of The Unchurching Podcast. I’m not saying I agree with Keith on every single point (and I definitely have problems with the premise of his new book), but I think he nailed all the main issues in this interview.

You can also find the podcast on iTunes and Google Play, by the way. :blush: