Book Study together on Ed Silvoso's Ekklesia?


Hey all, I just finished reading Ed Silvoso’s new book, Ekklesia , Rediscovering God’s Instrument for Global Transformation. In my almost 20 years about reading about NT church life, being One as the body of Christ, etc, this book puts those things together in powerful ways, and while definite theology is shared, numerous real world testimonies of living it out from all over the world are shared as well. For me, this is one of the handful of books I can give to my kids as they get older and say, “This really sums up the big picture in God real well.” If anyone has read it, or is interested in doing an email thread with me where every week we discuss a chapter or whatnot, reply here.

Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso

Well, you make it sound irresistible. I have not heard of yet, I’ll have to order, and then I’d be interested for one.


Awesome Lee, let me know when you get it. :slight_smile:


I read Ed Silvoso’s book “Anointed for Business”. The church has such a deprecating attitude towards business because they think it’s secular and it’s an “entangling with civilian pursuits” 2 Tim. 2:4. “Spiritual leaders” with a “higher calling” don’t waste their time there. The book encouraged me with solid scripture on the spiritual power of the work of God in the marketplace. He did not seem to recognized that as long as the clergy system is practiced as “leadership” in the church, this deprecating practice will not change. I also don’t think he referred to the 9 scriptures that Paul instructs that spiritual leadership in the church is always combined with marketplace work. I’ve read articles where a clergyman admits “Pastoral malpractice” saying “full time ministry” only applies to him. But he doesn’t change his “practice”. He only changes his words. I would doubt Ed would confront the corrupt practices of church and give the scripture for why professionalized leadership is a rejection of scripture because his organization depends on the IC for finances and contact. There are so many books that talk all the right theology of church that don’t confront the corrupt practice of church. That leaves the saints in the same trap of practice believing they are doing the right thing. You can’t “run the race marked out for you with endurance” nor “fix your eyes on Jesus” until you first “throw off the things that hinder and the sin that so easily entangles.”. Hebrews 12

I went to Amazon and read the reviews. I think the fellowship regarding the truth in the book would be of greater value than the book itself. I am willing to join in.


Hey @serveforfree, if you get the book, you are in. Just so you know, my main point in this is not to see the institutional system get debunked. Plenty already out on that. Silvoso’s book, I felt, did an incredible job of moving forward in it faith and the things God has for us depite it. For the record, he mentions aplenty how many congregations have not handled well what God is doing in the marketplace, often due to things most people who have read Unchurching would not their heads at. :grin:


ARRIVED Today! (Along with the other 10 books I am in middle of reading). :slight_smile:


Right on Lee! Let’s give it a few more days, and we can figure out a way to private chat through it. Looking forward to the fellowship!


Hi Gunnar, I just ordered the book. I heard Ed speak at a spiritual warfare conference in California back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Such an amazing man. So, yes, I would be interested in doing a discussion on his book, once I’ve received it and had a chance to read a chapter of course.


Awesome Kathy! Will count you in!


Reading this wonderful book. Love to discuss with others.