Community life together


Yesterday at our gathering the group was smaller. Some of our folks were just at other good things in their life, so they could not be with us. As we were singing I was reminded from the Lord how I have been taking scripture and writing it in my own words back to the Lord. So when I suggested it to our group, we decided to try it together. So James 1:22-26 was suggested by a brother because he had been studying it that week. We got our bibles all out and paper and pen and started to just let the flow of Christ follow us. When each had finished writing, each person read verse one around the circle, then verse two we each shared our version. Everyone had something different to say. This is not about adding or subtracting what scripture actually is written, it’s about having a wonderful relationship with our Lord. We had three teenagers present who also participated, and I have to tell you it must really warm the Father’s heart as it just melts ours as we listen to these kids grow in Christ. This experience was not planned on my part to do at that gathering, just came and enjoyed by all. The papers were then gathered and taken to another member who was having surgery the next day and could not be with us. God pours out his love to us in many ways. I am so glad I can be worshipping in a home gathering where we are free to be open to the things of the Lord.


That is truly beautiful what the Lord is doing in your gatherings, Marilyn!


I love this idea! We don’t have a group right now but I am getting ready to start one on one discipling with a baby sister. This would be a wonderful way for her to learn to hear Jesus through the Bible and make it personal in her own life.

Thank you for sharing.