DCLN in Orlando


Is anyone from here going to be at the DCLN get together in Orlando at the end of July? I am pretty new on here, but would enjoy meeting any of you were you to be there.


What is DCLN?

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DCLN stands for Deeper Christian Life Network … started by Frank Viola about 4 years ago. i thought, maybe, several members of this would be involved with that. It was Gene Edwards and then Frank Viola’s works that first introduced me to these ideas of Institutional Church vs organic church back around 2001.


So we just got back last night. I met Andrew from this forum while there. It was a good weekend and I recommended the book “Unchurching” to several brothers there.
Frank’s focus was on Pursuing the Presence of God … it was on personal devotion, with some great Theological unveiling, while at the same time having so many practical tools to apply. And like all of his conferences, much interaction between the attendees, so that the fellowship and sharing are the highlights of the time … and what a vastly diverse group of believers it was! Oh, he also brought a guest speaker this time, a Kenneth Boa.


I’m in the process of reading Viola’s writings. Finished “Pagan Christianity” and no reading “The Untold Story of the New Testament Church”. I appreciate the scholarly and scriptural approach to the content and would love to connect more with believers familiar with this work, too.


@Lee_Newton, did we not meet? Were you the guy with the hat? I met @andrewmcgowan as well.


YES!! Ha …Your photo here is not so easily discerned. I was wearing the golf cap, that Frank picked up the habit of wearing after he saw me in it last year (Ha). You led the signing, no? I didn’t know YOU were on here … wish we would have had more time to visit in person … maybe next year.


Andrew … Frank’s is a very well-researched, academic approach as well as having a tender heart to the Lord … love it. Each of his books that I read is my new favorite of his, but The Eternal Purpose is probably my favorite looking back. ReImagining Church and Finding Organic Church is probably the most helpful in the fellowship/meeting arena.
Obviously, It was a different Andrew I met at DCLN … the one with the long Beard whose last name I can’t pronounce from Missouri.


Yes, that was me! I’ve been helping Richard with this group since the early days of the FB group.

I’ve known Frank for about 10 years and I help out where I can.

So many people, so little time. It was a bit exhausting, but great to connect with everyone!


For anyone interested, you can find info about the network here:


There’s a monthly subscription fee for the network.


Where in Orlando is it? How is it going?


@Ruth_Pfiester, the network is online. Frank Viola shares audio messages, written articles, etc weekly. There is an annual conference in person for those on the network that is hosted in Orlando. The conference is not advertised publicly since it is for people already enrolled in the network. The link in my comment above should give info if you are interested in joining.


I realized this was conference after I sent the msg. I was hoping it was group. I lived in Orlando for 15 yrs. moved to Clermont , now I divide my time between there and Wisconsin. Hubby home state.