Do Christians have to tithe to a church?


He says, “Tithing is a sin.” How can giving money to the church be a sin? That’s a rather broad definition of sin.


He also answered that it was, “Extreme sarcasm to make a point. You can tithe if you want. All things are lawful. but not all things are profitable. Tithing would be profitable. But only for the religious systems of this world. LOL. More Sarcasm. Maybe sarcasm is a sin?”
However, following the law to earn credit with the Lord does seem to miss the mark.


Only a sin for me. You can Tithe all you want. Send it to P.O. Box 947 Oakhurst CA 93644


I forget how funny you can be. I miss you. Now … don’t get a big head.


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I have nothing to add to your “rant” about tithing. However, you commented that Jesus advocated anonymous giving. He certainly did when it came to giving to the poor as a means of combating pride. However, when it came to giving to the congregation (the temple in His time), when you read the story of the widow giving her two cents, he made a public statement about what the woman gave and it was a public act. Reading the story suggests that everyone knew how much she gave. Also, the woman who anointed his feet with expensive perfume did so publicly.

I’ve heard pastors say they don’t want to know what people give lest they treat them with favoritism. In that case, the problem is with the pastor, not the giver. When we hide our giving we also hide the opportunity for accountability.

It’s a difficult issue. We certainly don’t want to give out of pride our obligation but also we don’t want to use anonymous giving as an excuse not to give. In my own experience, I learned that when I give obediently, I’m not much concerned about who does and doesn’t know.

Also, in your experience, was there anything that would have caused the church leadership to question your giving? None of my business, but something to think about.


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So an update here on my situation. We (my IC) recently had a meeting for “small group leaders” before we kicked off the new session. The pastor’s wife read off the list of “expectations”, and one, of course was the leader was expected to be a tither. At the end of the list of rules, they went around the room to find out our group focus, meeting time and place. I had been leading an on-going men’s group fellowship weekly. When it came to me, I said that I don’t follow those rules, so I may need to step down, but I’ll talk to the pastors about it later.
So, the phone call came, and I think they were wondering what kind of addiction or immorality I had been caught up in … but I let them know it was about the tithe. The pastor talked it over with the other pastor’s and elders and said it was ok … as long as I was giving, he said he hadn’t done an extensive study on the subject, and didn’t want to get caught up in words. The pastor’s wife, I realized, was the one leader who was missing from the leadership meeting when I first addressed my feelings about the tithe. So we had that discussion, and my reaction to the “list of rules” as well. We’ll see how it goes from here. Pray … I think it would be so cool to see reformation on at least this one area in our local assembly.


What hasn’t been mentioned here on the subject of “Tithing” is “Why was it instituted?” Offerings were a separate act. Tithing was mandated. It was how the priests, widow and fatherless were cared for. Today we pass that obligation to the government. Jesus tells us we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Could a lack of love be the reason for the mandate to tithe ?


Whats funny( well it’s really sad) most of the church’s that preach tithing don’t even preach it correctly. Back then civilization was mostly agricultural so to bring a tenth of your grain,wheat,barley to the temple, which in some case’s was more than a days journey, was a pain so you could redeem your crops for cash, and get this, with a 20% charge. So if they want to fully preach the tithing message they should be preaching 30% not just 10%. Just like they know tithing was a OT commandment but still preach it they probably know it’s 30% but also know that would drive people a way. Better to get 10% from most than 30% from just a couple.If they would follow scripture and preach how we are told to remember the poor and widows they might make more money because how many people who make real good money stop at 10% thinking this is all the church said I had to pay even though they could give 30%, 40% and still live well. I wonder how many on this site started their unchurching because they saw the salaries of the senior Pastor, Assco Pastor, Youth Pastor, Worship Pastor, multi media equipment costing thousands, the mortgage on a huge building, heat, air, lights, money,money,money and not much of it making it’s way into the community. I know money was in the top 3 of reasons I came to unchurching


After we left the institutional church (IC) years ago, my husband and I stopped tithing, because we no longer believed it was something God requires of believers. Since then we have given to needs within our organic fellowship, local community, and others as God put them on our hearts. However, we just moved to a small city in another state and don’t have a local organic ekklesia here…yet. We know we need to begin to connect with other believers, so, until God starts bringing opportunities for us to gather with believers desiring relationships in Christ and an organic experience as His body, we’ll probably attend an IC for a while. We’ve already decided that we’re not going to support an institutional church, even if we’re attending there for now. We’ll support the local homeless shelter instead and give personally to needs as we become aware of them.


Well, as a follow-up to my last comment, my husband and I attended the service at another IC this morning. Like the one we attended last Sunday, everyone we met was very friendly, loves the Lord, and the service was probably as good as it gets at an IC (last week was traditional, this week was contemporary). However, we both realized today that, after being part of an organic fellowship for more than 8 years, it was obvious there was no going back to the IC for us – we just can’t do it. Funny thing is, last night I dreamed that I was weeping about something that had to do with the Lord, but I couldn’t remember what it was after waking. That was the first dream I’ve had like that in a long time, and I remembered it on our way home. It seemed to fit the way we were feeling after today’s service. We’re just going to have to leave it up to God to help us connect with other believers.


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