Do Coffee Houses have missions?


The reference article, based on comments by Kevin DeYoung, is here:

I sent this link and the first few paragraphs to a local pastor whom I know casually. He was offended and broke off email contact (“Unsubscribe me from email” was his response).

Is DeYoung’s position “offensive”? Does a church that really wants to be a non-confrontational “safe space” coffee house with no mission even need a leader? Is it a “church” just because some saved people might congregate there?

I was completely blown away by the “offense” response. No engagement with the substance of what Kevin had to say. Just “don’t talk to me.”



Seems like a harsh response. Maybe he felt you don’t know him well enough to send him this type of article that may hit a sensitivity with him. I’ve learned to be very careful about sharing things on topics like this article or unchurching unless it’s with a person I know well or is someone I think will relate to the subject and be receptive to it.


The word “should” alone is reason for me to tune out. It seems to imply judgement, self-righteousness, or talking down to others from a spiritual hilltop. Loving each other, building up one another, and serving each other may be a bit more encouraging and helpful.


Your inference. Are there ANY imperatives in healthy church life? If you say we “should” love each other or we “should” build up one another, are you being judgmental or displaying self-righteousness?

My point is that there are leaders in the church because the church has a destination. I have a problem with “purpose-driven” because we’re supposed to be Spirit-led. But Warren was correct in asserting that a healthy church understands its raison d’etre, and similarly, DeYoung is correct in pointing out that the church is not just a Sunday morning comfort zone.


Hmmm…I’m confused. When you typed “thoughts?” I assumed it was an invitation to share my perspective or give feedback. “Should” isn’t in my feedback. I was simply sharing honestly from my viewpoint.


You are correct. Sorry for confusion. I appreciate your thoughts and perspective. You have clarified things greatly. Thank you.


I doubt it’s worth speculating on why he unsubscribed, @stevekerp. He’s the only one who can answer that; so, all we can do there is extend grace.

However, I did read the article and I thought it was excellent. I’ve actually been thinking along very similar lines lately, myself. Just yesterday, I was reflecting on the parable of the talents and thinking about all the excuses the “wicked and lazy” servant had for not even trying. Very eye-opening stuff.