Do you have a group? If so, where is it?


If you’re currently part of a non-institutional church community (whether you call it a “house church” or “simple church” or “organic church” or “ekklesia” or whatever), and you wouldn’t mind other folks from this forum asking you questions or maybe even visiting your group, would you please list your group’s general whereabout in the replies to this post?


Howdy! We have been meeting as a fellowship of believers for almost a decade. We meet in my house, mostly. We are in Nixa, Mo, which is just south of Springfield, Mo!

I love questions and problem solving house church stuff-so ask away! If you want to try us out, hit me up!


Been doing “organic church” for about 10 years. I’m part of a group in Gainesville, FL, though I actually live closer to Jacksonville, FL and am trying to get something started in that area as well. Hit me up if you are in the area!!!


Norfolk, VA. 2 years into the journey. All welcome!


We’re in the Washington DC metropolitan Area (meeting in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC).

Find us here

or on Facebook here…

Or feel free to shoot me a DM if you’d like to visit us


Started meeting with two of my besties last fall and a couple of weeks ago my third bestie joined us. We meet biweekly and we are currently working on learning how to be discipled by Jesus and the format is open and led by Holy Spirit. He always shows up and everybody leaves edified and full!!! So grateful to finally have community. I am desiring more fellowship though. Biweekly is not enough, but I’m trusting it will come and so blessed by what I have now.


Where dp you all live, @Melzy?


Click on her name, @gunnarfalk and you can see that info on her profile. (Sorry to insert myself in the conversation. I just know lots of folks who are still learning their way around the forum might read this, and might also find that tip handy.)


:cry: no I don’t have a group. Would live to be part of one


Hi @LindaHug, are there any unchurching folks near you on the map?


is there a way i can reach out to you andrew?


That is so cool @jesusguyjoe that you lived in this area! What a small world. Did you live in Bristol, RI? I love that town! You’ve remained a loyal sports fan!


@gunnarfalk, I live in Swansea, MA and the other three ladies attending are all about 45-1 hour’s drive away. I’m central to everyone so we meet at my pad.


Yes! We have a small fellowship that meets outside of Chicago ,Illinois. We’ve been outside of the IC for nearly 10 years.


Northridge, CA, since 2011, meeting at homes weekly.


I need a gang. With its accompanying tattoo.


We have a group in Sacramento that has been meeting for about three years. We get together on Wed. nights and Sun. mornings, rotating each week to a different home. No agenda, no leader, just believers who love to get together and share whatever they have been ‘grazing’ on during the week. In this way we feel we are recapturing our priesthood.
We try to stay focused on Christ and what it means to be 'in Him.


@jesusguyjoe - very nice looking website -

I didn’t explore your blogs, but I just might at some point. There is just way too much to read and assimilate in this life!!! I appreciate your involvement here. Blessings.


Thank you, @mat.borger!


We have been meeting in Sarasota Florida for the last 6 years. Our families range from 9 to 72 and we do things together as Christ is our family. Our families live in 3 different towns and we take turns meeting at the different homes. We meet on Sunday afternoons, have a group text to keep up with each other.