Ekklesia by Ed Silvoso


Someone suggested this book and wanted to discuss it. I don’t remember who, although it is lingering on the tip of my tongue. I was not familiar with Ed, however this is a book worth reading. I have read many books in the unchurching category, not him. This book is part of the puzzle that is coming together for something big!


@gunnarfalk had a thread about reading this as a group.



Reading this book.I agree that it is a keeper and one to share. Would love to discuss with others.


@Ruth_Pfiester, you should click on the post link above in my comment and reply on the other thread so they will know you are interested.


Hi Ruth. Yes, we have started doing one, it is moving along slowly. Why don’t you private message me if you like, with your regular email account, and I can tag you in.


Gunnar, I’ve been meaning to let you know … I finally got through chapter 9 about a week ago, and have since misplaced my copy and can’t find it (as well as my journal) … waiting for it to show up again.