How do I access the group map?


Although anyone can see your general location (if you add it to your profile), only current forum members can access the members map. Accessing the group map is as simple as adding your location information to your profile, then waiting for the system to process your information. Here’s what it looks like:

  • As part of your profile, you can add your general location, if you want. (See images below.) Please note: this information is viewable to the general public when they click on your user name, so only use your general location, not your street address!

  • THE SYSTEM REFRESHES ABOUT ONCE A MONTH, so you probably won’t see anything happen FOR A FEW WEEKS. But once your location is processed, you’ll automatically be added to the group map and granted access to view the map.

  • If you ever decide to opt out of the map, simply remove your location information from your profile and the next time the system updates, your location will be removed from the map, along with your ability to access the map.

  • Also, if you ever leave the forum (or are removed) for any reason, the system will eventually remove you from the map, along with your access to view it.

Being on the group map is not only a great way to find other members in your area, it also provides a great snapshot of how our community is distributed. That’s why, going forward, we’ll be using the group map to plan all of our large-scale community-wide events, as well as smaller local meetups, group video chats and other virtual events, and more.


To go to your profile, click on your profile image (or letter) in the upper right corner of the screen.

In the drop down menu, click on the tiny gear icon.

On the left hand side of the screen, click on “Profile”.

Scroll down until you see the “Location” field. Enter your general location, meaning just your city and state, not your street address.

THE SYSTEM REFRESHES ABOUT ONCE A MONTH, but once the system updates, you’ll be added to the map and you will be able to access the map. Please enjoy. Also, if you’re a visitor who wishes to participate in this forum, you’ll need to sign up as an unchurching patron through It only costs as little as $2 per month. To get more acquainted with this forum, you should also check out these posts:

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