How many of you have invited friends to join?


Just wondering… How many of you guys have invited friends to join this forum?


I have discussed this with several people. It seems that participation in the Facebook page would cause more interest in someone. That is more than being invited by someone. There are some interesting dynamics in all of this, like the forum and the Facebook page. It almost feels random, but it also feels like a form of special selection to have discovered this group. It will be interesting to see how it keeps developing.


It’s way easier to get folks to join a Facebook group, for multiple reasons:

  1. Everyone already has a Facebook account, so you don’t have to create a new account to join a group on Facebook.

  2. Facebook seems to be a “free” platform (even though it’s not).

  3. There’s nothing new to learn.

  4. All your friends are already on the platform.

  5. Everyone already knows the URL to get there.

  6. Facebook advertises its groups to its users, so there’s just more awareness of Facebook groups, in general.

However, there are also huge downsides to hosting the unchurching conversation there, some of which I’ve outlined in this post. And since the downsides far outweigh the upsides, I have no desire and no plans to go back to hosting the unchurching conversation on Facebook.


@Richard I am not suggesting at all going back to the Facebook platform. I enjoy this for what it is. There is some real depth here, and heartfelt sharing given the inherent limitations in this medium. I understand what you are saying. Thanks and blessings for all you do.


I haven’t invited anyone because I don’t know anyone who would be interested. A couple of my sons might be interested, but they pretty much decide on their own where they will participate in social networks. Although, they might be interested in this forum. It’s just that I haven’t met anyone here that I think this would resonate. There is one possibility. Last week, I met a Presbyterian minister that seems to be on the same page on many things related here.