Is this forum public or private?


Most areas of this forum are be public-facing, not private. We’ve done this so that Google can find and index our conversations, making sure they show up in search results. That’s because we want this forum to be found by other believers who might be on a similar spiritual trajectory, but don’t even know a community like this actually exists.

I say “most areas” will be public because certain areas of the forum are private and only viewable to members, such as the group map. However, if you wish to remain completely anonymous on the forum, that’s no problem. Only your user name is displayed in this forum, not your real name. So, as long as you choose a user name that protects your anonymity, no one outside the admin team will know it’s you (unless you share your real name in a comment, of course). Just make sure to lock-in an anonymous user name within three days of creating your account. After that, your user name is permanent.

If you’re a visitor who wishes to participate in this forum, you’ll need to sign up as an unchurching patron through It only costs as little as $2 per month. To get more acquainted with this forum, you should also check out these posts:

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