Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas to all our fellow Unchurchers!

As a family (the sum total of our church for now), we read lots of scripture (a long Christmas reading in parts that I came up with, message me if you want a copy), played cards, ate a meal, and are going to read A Christmas Carol aloud after getting the kids to sleep. My favorite part was when, during our scripture reading, my 3.5 year old jumped off the couch and into the center of the room yelling, “Everybody into the pool!” We laughed so hard! This is why I don’t believe in age segregation (one of my many beefs with IC!).

What did you do to celebrate instead of going to a church building?
:heart: Sarah


That sounds awesome!!! We mainly hung out as family and watched Christmas movies together, ate snacks, lit advent candles and read Scriptures. We went to a Methodist Christmas Eve service with my in-laws. It’s the first time we’ve done something like that in a few years.

When we got in the car my kids talked about how weird it is that only the pastor got to talk during the service.

His short message was on “holy interruptions”. I asked my wife if she thought he got the irony of a sermon about holy interruptions. :thinking:


I love that your kids thought it was strange only one guy got to talk - I hope my kids will turn out like yours! And I got a giggle out of the pastor talking about holy interruptions!

Lighting advent candles sounds like a great family/home church tradition! When my kids are older and less likely to cause a house fire (all the candles in our house at the moment are battery operated…haha), I would love to give that a try! How special.

Thanks for commenting! Hope you and yours had a blessed Christmas!