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If you need help using this forum—adding yourself to the group map, starting a new topic, posting your comment to the correct thread, adding a link or an image to a post, or anything else—just start writing your question into a new topic.

As you type, the system will inform you whether someone else has already posted that same question (or a very similar one) After you’ve started your new discussion topic (or joined an existing one), either a moderator or another community member will try to assist you.

Note: answering other members’ questions is one of the ways to increase your “trust level” in the forum, which in turn causes Discourse to unlock your access to more features and goodies. So, helping other members is always a win/win!

If you’re a visitor who wishes to participate in this forum, you’ll need to sign up as an unchurching patron through It only costs as little as $2 per month. To get more acquainted with this forum, you should also check out these posts:

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