New meetup in Portland, OR westside


Hi everyone! If you’re in or around the Portland, OR westside, I’m hosting a meetup on December 1 to provide a safe space for people to share stories of coming out of narrow religious paradigms and finding new meaning in their quest to follow Jesus and live compassionately in the world as people of faith.

Here’s the link for more info. I’m very excited and hope it’s encouraging to people.

(Note: I understand there’s a wide range of theological viewpoints represented here in the Unchurching community, from more conservative to more liberal, so I don’t wish to offend anyone when I say this meetup is geared towards a progressive demographic. Thanks for your charity in all things. :slight_smile:)


Hoping to make it, but have a lot going on that weekend.


Way to go Jared! You make me want to fly “home” now!


Jared, if we are not already, “friend” Gunnar Falk on Facebook. I am gonna make a post to see if any of my old peeps from the Hillsboro area would be inerested in that, and then get them ahold of you.


I’m not on Facebook much but I’ll look you up! Cool that this used to be your home base. I’ve only been living here since Fall 2017 and absolutely love it.

(BTW the meeting got rescheduled to this coming Saturday…link in orignal post updated to reflect that.)