Recommended books


Can you guys recommend any great books we should be reading (whether it’s your own book or someone else’s)?


Here’s the book that started it all! :wink:


Yes…books! Last year the Lord led me to read Unchurching/Richard Jacobson, Jesus Untangled/ Keith Giles and Pagan Christianity/Barna(?) The Bible Tells Me So/ Peter Enns. That was a lot of meat to digest but I am feeling ready for another meal:yum: Any suggestions?


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Here’s the book that put the nail in the coffin for the IC for me…

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Here are a couple of fictional books that are excellent and related to unchurching!!!

The Gathering by Milt and Mary Rodriguez

The Gate Seldom Found by Raymond Reid


For me, God’s Favorite Place On Earth, by Frank Viola was a book that helped me shift my thinking. We had already unchurched and were meeting with others, but needed a change in mindset from what we want/think/hope church will be for us to into a place where Jesus gets what he wants. It helped me get the focus off of me and my desires and focus on Christ and his desires for the meeting of his body!


One of the best books I have EVER read is SO YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH ANY MORE by Wayne Jacobsen.

It is fictional, but so inspiring and uplifting, while addressing so many questions that come up on this journey.
In a way, it would be a good book to share with someone who is sort of questioning why they have some uneasy feelings about how ‘church’ is run, especially if they have read and studied much in the Bible.
(I actually helped with the editing/proofreading of this book before its publication - I have read it about 4-5 times. It is that good.)


@paulhayden Agreed! I couldn’t put it down!!! This was year’s ago and it was on a shelf at Walmart. Just about the time I was getting the boot out of my former IC. It was divine intervention I have no doubt.


I’m not sure if he has written any “Unchurching” type books yet, but Francis Chan sort of has my attention.


One book that really influenced me is The Way Church Ought to Be, Volume 1 by Robert Lund. This is what I wrote about it on Amazon back in 2006: "Have owned it for several years, and actually have bought CASES of the book to give to friends. To me, if anyone is truly interested in maturing spiritually and growing to their fullest in Christ, and to live by the scriptures, then this is a great book to read! Likely, it may draw you to ask some VERY uncomfortable questions about yourself and the ‘christian’ practices you have been walking out. While you may not agree with every proposition Mr. Lund has to offer, I would have to guarantee there will be MANY that will draw you to make changes in your life, if you have never seen a book like this.

What is truly unique about this book is that while it covers over 400 pages of great quotes and writing, it is divided in such a way as to be very digestible…what I mean by that is by being broken down into 95 propositions, you can read them one at a time, over time, or just randomly flip to one. Thus, it is like a book of church history/experienced practices/and outside-the-box-but-in-the-kingdom thoughts that you can read straight through, or as a daily devotional or daily thought provocation of the day.

Also, Mr. Lund does a fantastic job footnoting, and his footnoting has led me, and many others I gave the book to, on fantastic journies finding other authors that helped him express his propostions."

As I mentioned, I REALLY recommend this book to someone who struggles with wanting to finish or read a whole book, because of the short digestible thesis format the author says.
Now, the trick is, it is hard to find. I think out of print. Here is the Amazon link. Currently, there was a used one for $1.50 That is a crazy steal.


“From Eternity to Here”, Frank Viola
works of T. Austin-Sparks (tons of resources for free online,


This book is meaty, but life-changing! (You can also check out multiple interviews with author Henry Hon on The Unchurching Podcast: here, here, and here.)


I’d do a serious happy dance if they ever found “The Diaries of Priscilla & Aquilla” or “The Chronicles of Nympha and The Church That Was In Her House”.


I’d recommend Messianic Church Arising, by Robert D Heidler, somewhere in a reading list, not necessarily at the top. It will give you a Hebraic perspective on what many others are now saying.

Also Roger Sapp, who has some of the best teaching on healing, has a book House Church Awakening.


This book was the catalyst for my unchurching journey. The fictional structure of the book only served to make its message all the more poignant for me. I highly recommend it.


I’m currently reading this book. To piggyback off of your comment: each page is just another nail in the coffin for the IC. Those who are seeking intellectual vindication for their unchurching journey can take heart that George Barna brings his research credentials to this book. Those who are seeking spiritual validation for their unchurching journey will appreciate Frank Viola’s personal journey and passion as he walked through the deconstruction process.


That would be EPIC!!!