Recommended movies and videos


Can you guys recommend any great movies or videos we should watch?


If you haven’t seem them, here’s the link to my animated explainer videos which eventually led me to write my book, Unchurching. All the videos can be found here on YouTube. (See below.)


I would be remiss if I didn’t share my favorite YouTube channel. The Bible Project videos are mind-blowing animated explainer videos, usually 5-8 minutes long. The artwork is amazing and, so far, all the videos I’ve watched are fantastic tools for teaching and also for self-study. Check 'em out!


If you haven’t watched this 30 minute documentary about Christian co-housing, called Living in Community - The Movie, you’ve missed something really special. Do yourself a favor and watch this one. If you’ve never experienced this kind of life, it’ll probably challenge several assumptions.


My buddy @gunnarfalk will tell you, this is one of our all-time favorite talks. Please don’t miss this one. It’s fantastic (even though the illustrations on the screen are hard to see at times).



FYI… I think I accidentally flagged this (Living in Community) somehow while trying to get more info on the video. Please disregard if it does appear to have been flagged by me.


No problem, @Julie_Ann_Peters. Thanks for letting us know!


I re-posted this post about “Captain Fantastic” in Just Jesus/Seeing Jesus in Literature/Movies/Nature. Captain Fantastic is definitely not a Christian. He’s a committed secularist. The internal community dynamic takes place within his own immediate family. If you want to see more about the movie itself, here is IMDb on the subject: IMDb Captain Fantastic


I stumbled upon the animations by “Full of Eyes” about a year ago. While the artist is a functioning member of an institutional church (he includes an Elder Affirmation Statement on his website), his artwork is breathtaking and illustrates so well the message of the Gospel through symbolism and visual narrative via music. The artist is also on Patreon should you decide to support his work and the benefits of being a patron are generous. I’d recommend using these videos if your group needs a song/message/visual to meditate/contemplate on together.


War Room is an incredible movie concerning prayer in the context of life and a marriage. Very excellent movie from 2015.


If you have some specific thoughts, @gtroxell, feel free to message me. I’d love to hear your ideas.


This sounds like a beautiful vision, @gtroxell. As I think I mentioned before, I once lived in Christian commune myself (even though it was brief and I was young, it was still very impactful) and I often dream of doing something similar again, so I’d love to talk some time and compare ideas. Maybe a video chat at some point?


I am on board to help make this happen. I’m not sure how the Spirit might use me, but how can I go wrong in serving the household of our Lord?


Quite the inspiring story. It shows how God uses simple faith in surprising ways. Thanks for sharing this story with us.


I enjoy listening to Leonard Ravenhill and this video is why. I retrieved it from YouTube and cropped it using a third-party website since nothing beyond the 17:40 mark applies to unchurching. His message is a clear rebuke of the modern institutional/organized church. While he is definitely influenced by American Revivalism, which begat its own set of institutional/organized issues, his idea of revival seems to me a foreshadowing (prophecy?) of the movement of the Holy Ghost we are witnessing (e.g. unchurching, dones, organic church, etc). Please share your thoughts, brothers and sisters!


One of my all time favorite preachers. To bad dvd can a little late to capture the majority of his sermons. The Judgement Seat of Christ is one of the best I have heard on Revelations. Have you seen the Leonard Ravenhill interview ( full length ) on youtube? Great insight on the Church from WW1- present. In light of Eternity, the life of Leonard Ravenhill. A 584pg book I try to read each year, It motivates me to keep striving towards holiness, something that is never preached anymore. He is one of the few that I try to turn the younger generation on to, they seem to like his no nonsense, hit them between the eyes kinda preachin


I loved the Practicing Oneness talk by Henry! Riveting!


Okay, I know this isn’t a “Christian” talk, per se. But this is one of my all time favorite talks. Also, as someone who has personally had a major attitude shift (for the better), and then seen how much my improved attitude impacted my life, I now realize our attitudes aren’t nearly the result of our circumstances as much as the other way around.


Thank you for sharing your YouTube link. It was able to identify & concisely convey what has been so hard for my husband and I to relay to others. I am looking forward to seeing the documentary as well.