Recommended podcasts


Can you guys recommend any great podcasts we should be listening to (whether it’s your own podcast or someone else’s)?


If you’re not listening to The Unchurching Podcast, you’re clearly wasting your time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Here’s the iTunes link, as well as the link to listen online.



Here’s my podcast. I’m still working on equipment and sound.
The last two are actually MP3 versions of recent FB Live videos.

I also listen/watch The Phil Vischer Podcast. He’s the creator of Veggie Tales, so you’ll have to get used to Bob the Tomato’s voice talking about the church, theology, and current events.


video and website devoted to outside traditional framework perspectives on the gospel, current events, and the changing role of community in the western world.


Wayne Jacobsen (“So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore”) hosts a podcast and blog on these two sites. Really great stuff:


I listen to “Exploring My Strange Bible” and “the Bible Project” - they are my favorites right now. Tim Mackie is great. Additionally the Vox podcast can be really good.

I’m pretty new here and actually found the book and the group by way of the Unchurching podcast - is there a post here somewhere that explains why its stopped and if it ever plans to start again?


The Unchurching Podcast didn’t “stop”, per se. I’ve actually got quite a few interviews recorded that haven’t been released yet. I’m just spread too thin to edit and publish them right now. Not enough of me to go around is all!


I figured as much. Podcasts can be very demanding and time consuming, especially with editing and such. I did one for awhile and while it was fun, I couldn’t keep up. Looking forward to it returning, if you’re able!


Thank you, @Veritas_Vinyl. Me too!

  1. Dan Mayhew’s “Church of the Heart” – he discusses his work with the Summit Fellowships (house-church network in Portland, Oregon) and other “church of the heart” (Dan’s term for organic, relationship–with one another & Jesus–focused communities) topics.

  2. Keep it Simple – two guys from a Simple-church network in eastern Kentucky region (and with fun intro music)

  3. New Churches Q&A – although not Unchurching-focused – it is actually very much about building-based churches – I find it engaging, research-based, and insighful into how to healthily equip building-based and Unchurching-oriented fellowships to develop leaders, assist saints to grow as disciples, and for relationships to occur authenticly. I believe co-host Ed Stetzer, although he acknowledges that building-based churches are the predominant model in Western cultures, to be a heart-fan of simple, organic, house/relationship gatherings.