Recommended sites and online groups


In addition to the unchurching Facebook group and any house church directories that might be out there, are there any other good Facebook groups or online resources you guys know about?


You should definitely check out my buddy Henry Hon’s One Body Life Facebook page and Facebook group. Once folks are done deconstructing with my book, Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity, I often refer them to Henry’s book, One: Unfolding God’s Eternal Purpose from House to House to answer the question of what comes next.


Thank you for sharing your resource! I just perused it and would love to start using it for my own edification, but also in preparation to edify the Body via planting and/or partaking in a house church.

Again, thank you, brother! Brilliant work!


I have just come across a site that is ‘new’ to me.

So far I have seen some interesting and helpful articles and topics.
Note: I have NOT done an exhaustive search and evaluation of this site, and cannot fully vouch for it.
It does seem to have a good spirit about it.
If anyone finds anything wrong or suspicious or dangerous about it - please let us know.
I am looking for resources like this for my own life and growth, as well as for others. (We can be the eyes and ears for one another in this journey…)


Searching Together

Milt Rodriguez’s blog and audios

Third Race Blog


I know that John Piper holds to Calvinist/Reformed theology. His ecclesiological views, therefore, may be traditional. However, as far as his general theology it is, at times, edifying. Furthermore, his strict complementarianism really maligns the voices of our sisters in Christ.

Advice: take the meat, leave the bone.