Sharing Missions and Outreach Opportunities


Do you have any regional or international missions/outreach works you’d like to recommend to Unchurching members? Share links for your suggestions when they’re available.

  • International missions/financial partnerships with an existing ministry that you’d endorse or have a connection with?

  • Short term-missions opportunities?

  • Collaborative mission/outreach project ideas with Unchurching members?

  • Regional outreach opportunities you know of or are organizing in your area?


Thanks for sharing the info Jeremy!
I’ll check out their website!
I plan to add a few opportunities this week (Uganda) for folks who may be looking to parter there.


HI Johanna, we have a mission work in Central and East Africa and in Pakistan. The work in Pakistan is purely House Church whereas the work in Africa is a mixture of various ministries, including IC… There are plenty of short-term opportunities, such as medical missions, Muslim evangelism, working among orphans etc and these operate throughout the year.


I did a short term missions trip in Alaska with Arctic Barnabas Ministries. What a Spiritual dark place. They have twice the amount of Suicides, drug abuse and alcohol abuse than any of the lower 48. They support Missionaries and pastors by helping with home repair or getting firewood, building Church’s just lending a helping hand. And for the women, how they love the company. Just to have another women to talk to means so much as sometimes they don’t get out of their village for many months. If you visit their site they should have this years calendar up describing what kind of projects they have going and where in Alaska they are. Isolation and depression is what drives most missionaries back home so go to Alaska and be a Barnabas, which is to say a encourager


Hey @Mtumwa thanks for sharing your experience with everyone! How should interested folks get more info? Thanks


Sounds like a a great opportunity to go and bring encouragement to the workers there. Can you cut & paste a link for that website here in a reply, so folks can find their connection info easily? Thank you!

#9 Sorry,for for the wrong one


Hi Johanna, I would suggest the best way would be to ‘friend’ me on facebook, look for me under the name Mtumwa Mjinga. or send me an e-mail - We tend to keep a low profile because most of the work is within Muslim communities. Currently there are short-term mission opportunities in Rwanda (orphans and a house church launch) in Sept, also Kenya (medical mission and house church launch) in Oct, and early next year a mission to Pakistan (evangelism and encouraging existing house churches)


Thanks for sharing those, so folks can connect if interested!


Have wanted to post this info about a ministry I follow:
RUHU, Raising Up Hope for Uganda, which I have some local connection to. Individuals or groups can volunteer to go to Uganda to serve, or can give financially or sponsor a child. Sponsorship is very direct so may be more appealing than through a major ministry. Funds go directly to this ministry. Seems you’d probably have a good chance to meet up with the sponsored child if you ever go there to serve short-term. You can also follow them on Facebook as well and get a lot of updates on their ministry activity.


Donations to RUHU and child sponsorships are through Beautiful Response:


Organizations I’m involved with and support:


Hi friends,

My full time job is Executive Director of a missions organization in Uganda.
We have fostering villages, schools and a medical clinic. We partner with an indigenious organization in Uganda AOET~Uganda to bring hope to the children. One, or twice a year, I lead a team of believers from all over the US to work with our children. Let me know if you would like to hear more!