Things Jesus Didn’t Say


[This is meant to be light hearted. Please keep it respectful and considerate of others.]

“I came that they may have rules, and have them abundantly.”

Misquoted from John 10:10.

Do you have one to add?


One that burns me up is “GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES.”


Or how often do you hear this - “You need to have faith in yourself.”
Where is that in Scripture?

Or - “You need to forgive yourself.”
(I know what this is intended to help, but it just doesn’t jive for me Scripturally.)


I ( Jesus) want you healthy and wealthy


“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love only your neighbors who think just like you
and pray for those who agree with your doctrine.”

Misquoted from Matthew 5:43-44


I’m gonna establish One True Denomination on earth, and you gotta grow a beard and practice the Holy Kiss to belong!


Ravenhill said that lol


“The greatest among you will be your servant-leader”
-not Jesus


Oh goodness, I see myself revisiting this thread A LOT! :slight_smile:


I thought for sure Jesus said that!!! Why have I been told this my whole life???



@jesusguyjoe @jmlake42 - Just curious - Can you name a greater nation in the history of mankind, that has done more for the gospel and humankind as a nation? That is, even in spite of whatever bad has also been done by that nation. (I have no excuses for the bad, but still wanting to shed light on the good!)

Not wanting to turn this into any sort of a political debate…just, honestly name what you think are BETTER nations…


God’s kingdom far exceeds any earthly nation. His ekklesia is spread through all nations. :grinning:


Took the words out of my mouth Mark! :fist:t5:


@jesusguyjoe I agree, sir. Thank you for your service to this country! What I shared is not meant to be “proud nationalism,” but an honest question. It is true that Jesus likely never said that America is the greatest nation. But I do believe that God has blessed this country for many good reasons, in spite of so many other bad things about our country. I am first a follower of Jesus, like I trust you are. Blessings!


There are certainly blessings in the USA. And there are certainly blessings in Canada, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Mexico, Costa Rica, England, Ireland, Ethiopia, Japan, and so on. And there are negatives in each country as well.

Yes, some countries are horrible, like North Korea. We definitely have better human rights here, but many other countries do as well.

I’m not bashing the US, and I’m glad to live here, but held up next to the standard of God’s kingdom, I think there is no comparison among any of the world’s countries.

From Frank Viola’s book Insurgence.


“Follow your heart!”

What the Bible ACTUALLY says: Deut 11:6, Deut 29:19, Josh 24:23, Psalm 19:12, Proverbs 23:19, Ezekiel 36:26, Hosea 10:2, Matt 15:19, Mark 7:15, 2 Cor 3:15…)and others but it’s time for dinner).