Trinity or Community


Normally whenever the Trinity is represented it is shown as a triangle with the Father at the top and the Son and Spirit in the lower position. This creates the appearance of a hierarchy, with the Father as primary, and the Son and Spirit as subservient to Him. It has even been used a justification for the hierarchical structure of the institutional church.

What if instead of a triangle, we used a circle to represent the community of God. The mutual Love flowing throughout this community. The essence of this community is expressed to us in different ways that we call Father, Son, and Spirit.

Some make a strong point that the Father is NOT the Son, and the Son NOT the Spirit, etc. How can this be true if God is One. The modern definition of the word Person is too strong, too distinct, and too separating that is why I like to use the three unique expressions of God.

I have been reading and have taken courses that cover the organization of the Bedouin tribes and the early Jewish communities. I have learned that the main focus is the perseverance of the community, not the individual. Things are done to serve the community not the individual.

Within the community there are men who have leadership roles in different areas. One man is the attributor, he settles disputes. Another is the sage, interprets dreams and other religious matters. Yet another would be the ambassador of the community to other communities (wars, treaties).

When there is no dispute to be settled the attributor is just another member of the community.

I believe Adam was in the community of God, in the Garden, but he chose to become a separate from the community, an individual, to become like God Knowing Good and Evil, to create his own community. The two communities could not exist together. That is why he had to leave the garden.

The Law that was given to Moses was to show the entrance back to the community of God was through Love. Love God and Love your Neighbor, but man was unable to do it.

Jesus came to show us the way back into the community of God, Love. He even supplied the Love. He said I am the way, the entrance into the Community. It was not who He was but what He was doing, loving those He came into contact with (washing the feet of Judas before he betrayed Him), and yes He was loving the religious ones by speaking harshly to them. Ask any parent.

People talk about wanting to meet like the early church, but they are looking for a fixed set of structure and rules, but they miss the point that a community not an institutions, but it is alive. The body does not have rigid laws that promote one part over another. The body has rules and structure, for the benefit of the body (community), but they are in a constant state of flux. When you hungry, tried, walking the rules for your body change. This is an example of the community of God.

Different people function in different ways and different times, but always for the good of the community. How does a $7 million dollar house, a $70 million dollar jet benefit the community? There is no hierarchy in a community.

How do we function in the community of God? By loving God and the people He brings into our path. First we have to spend time with God to learn how great is His Love for us. Then we will know how to love our neighbor.


Yes, this us how I’ve described it for many years. The early church used the term perichoresis which means circle dance. ABBA, Yeshua and Shekinah (indwelling one or holy spirit) invite us to join them in the never ending dance.


What happens if the base model is wrong from the start? Study with Hebrew lenses -> God is ONE… no dispute about it… His Son is One with him … and the Spirit is God’s Spirit…

It may be right to say that because of the Institution agenda they have to come up with a ‘Triangle’ to put some form of leadership at the top …