Updates from Northeast FL (and conference invite)


Hey folks!

A couple of updates on unchurching (church outside the box) happenings in northeast FL…

A few of us have been meeting monthly with a brother who is centrally located near Jacksonville airport (Jacksonville is a huge area). His home is a wedding venue so he has a lot of space. We’ve been meeting on a Saturday morning to share Christ, build relationships and have a meal together. Please let me know if you are interested in participating.

Also, there will be a conference at the same location Feb 14 - 17. A description for the event is below. Again, please let me know if you would be interested in participating. I use the term “conference” lightly. It’s more of a weekend long time of organic gathering together. The gatherings are in a living room and are open to all to function and share Christ, and also lots of time to share meals, relax, and get to know others. There are several people who travel from around the country, as well as some local brothers and sisters who participate.

"This year we will start Thursday, Valentine’s Day, with a Special Dinner and flowers for all who attend the first night.

This will be our 9th Annual gathering in Jacksonville, FL February 14-17, 2019. This is not a typical conference like you may have experienced in the past. This is a “by-invitation-only” gathering. It is not open to the general public. If you are interested please contact us for an invitation.

The purpose of the gathering is simply to build relationships with one another around Jesus Christ as our Lord. We expect to hear what the Lord would say to us, and do through us, through His many membered, gifted, Body. We have not arrived. We see in part. We know in part. We are all truly pilgrims in the way of learning to love and live life well, one with another, in Jesus Christ.

We will likely worship (sing) together, but with no straining to create a psychic atmosphere. It’s likely that there will be some sharing and teaching, but dominating monologues will not be allowed. Ministry in the gifts of the Spirit is expected, but without frenzy, mania, manipulation, and hype.

We will laugh a lot. We may cry some also–tears of joy and tears of sorrow. We will set our hearts to listen. We will set our hearts to care. We will set our hearts to love well. We will eat well! We will have a good time!

Invitees are asked to not bring personal agendas, pet doctrines, rigid eschatological speculations, “ministry-building” ambitions, network marketing, political persuasions and debates, and other similar distracting elements into the gathering. Those who cannot or will not comply, will be kindly but firmly asked to stop, or asked to leave.

This is a time for mature believers to gather, to love, to listen, and share and hopefully exchange the life of Christ one with another. A one-time love offering will be received to help defray the costs associated with hosting and feeding us while we are there."


Just pushing this back to the top in case anyone was interested. :slight_smile: