Virtual Reality Church?


Where have young folks who have left church gone? Some (many?) are doing virtual reality church. Check out this video. Thoughts?

These emerging churches do not exist in a physical space.


Fear is big in this age group ( unfortunately) This may feel “safer” for them. It can lead to more meetups. But on the flip side it could just another box.


Yeah, I got the feeling that some pastors were basically creating institutional church online. One thing I took from it, other than feeling eerily similar to the movie Ready Player One, is that there are many young people looking for a less religious and more authentic way to experience church where they can express themselves more freely.


The VR part is appealing; recreating the institutional format, not so much. Like, I wouldn’t mind trying a facilitated group gathering like this. That could be a fun experiment. However, it’s kinda sad that both of the examples looked really bad. I couldn’t tell if that’s because the guys who created both of those “churches” didn’t have any design skills or if it’s just a limitation of the platforms they’re using. Neither one of those examples was visually appealing to me. I think I’d be turned off by the sheer aesthetic! (Or lack thereof.) Is that bad?


Oh yeah, the graphics were terrible. I wondered if was a bad view or something. I thought it would be more like the Sims. But there’s definitely potential for experimenting. I think the people engaged in this would really resonate with the unchurching vibe. :smiley:

  1. Yes that’s bad. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:
  2. I agree and was my first thought, that it was a shame that they were trying to mimic the IC model.
  3. I would love to have meetings like this with unchurching peeps in a much different VR setting.
  4. The graphics are likely the developers limitations. The guy doesn’t seem too technically capable from just hearing him talk. He likely used a template from a developer kit he got his handa on and modded and tweaked it. I have the app on my oculus library but upon first use I didn’t see anyone in there and it was glitchy. Also it wasn’t on a Sunday and as we all know Christians are forbidden to assemble on any other day. :wink: