Want access to the group map?


Reminder: we have an awesome group map! Once you add your location to your profile, and the system refreshes (which usually happens about once a month), the map will appear in your category list. So, basically, you gain access to the map by adding yourself to it! Read this post for instructions.


I’m still locked out of the map. I put my location in the day I signed up. Is there anything I might have pressed to put a lock on it? Thanks bro.


Just looked. You have access @randy.


Well I’m kinda dense I guess. It took me a while to figure it out. I kept seeing the lock next to the category Members Map so I thought it was locked. Then I saw the here link. Then I finally digested the password instruction. So I made it. I guess I was expecting a screen button and not a private access. Now I’ve got it. Seen it. Like it. :+1:


Where is the password found?


@Dona, I’m guessing you didn’t click this link (quoted from the original post above).


No, I did. But my brain just didn’t read the password as a password. I went back right after I posted the question and this time I realized what I was looking at. Old age stinks.


HA! Tell me about it, @Dona! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am registered and on then map. Yea!
Someone else near me has registered… but I can’t locate the link to the map.
Intuition suggests there could be a simple button that looks like a map.
Dinna see, laddie.

I did find reference to the evasive Lock Ness Monster.


Hey @Richard, I have followed all the steps and waited, but can’t even see the link to the map anywhere. Please help.


Have you waited a whole month yet, @J-D? Below is the post with the official instructions. Please note the part about the system refreshing about once a month:


Not a whole month yet. Thanks for the feedback.


The map is frozen every time I go to visit it. Has to do with the number of visits set at 100.


I see the same response


We actually have the paid plan which allows for thousands of visits per month. I’ll check it out.


Was out yesterday, so I just got a chance to try it. Everything worked fine for me. Are you guys using the current link? Each time the map updates, there’s a new URL, so you have to go back to the map post and click the new link each time. If you were using an old link from a previous visit to the post, you could get an error.


Thanks! Working now.


Excellent, @J-D. I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for getting back to me.


How do you change that, @ChrisEnz? Have you integrated Discourse with ZeeMaps before? Or do you know how to code custom plug-ins? That would be great!


To be fair, @Steve_Orr, this new forum is very much still in its infancy. It’s only been around for a few month, so we presently only have 3.5% as many members here as we had in the old Unchurching Facebook group.

On Facebook, we eventually grew to where we didn’t have a single city in the top 100 with less than 6 members. (And probably hundreds more with at least 2 or 3 group members.) But as impressive as that might sound, the opt-in rate for the group map on was only 10%.

However, here on Discourse, the opt-in rate for the new map has held steady at about 75% so far. So, even if this group never grows beyond 11 or 12% of what the Facebook is right now, we will actually have far more people on the group map than we ever did before.

And that’s a big deal because, even though it sounds impressive to have multiple members in hundreds of cities, it wasn’t leading to nearly as many connections as it should have. Folks were continually frustrated because everyone was checking the group map, but hardly any of them were actually adding themselves to it.

Why? Because the implementation on Facebook sucked. I think the reason the opt-in rate is astronomically higher here is because the implementation is 100x better. Not perfect, of course. But it certainly checks most of the required boxes.

I’m actually quite sad more of our Facebook group hasn’t migrated over yet, because most of what they’re looking for on Facebook is much more difficult to achieve through that particular platform. Yes, they have the numbers. But the tools we need simply aren’t there.