What is Sin - the sin of the world


What is Sin?

In John 1:29 Jesus is proclaimed as “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

John 18:8 “he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin …”

Hebrews 9:26 “to do away with sin by the sacrifice of himself.”

Why does it say Sin and not Sins?

What is the one Sin that Jesus takes away?

What one sin did the world / Cosmos / Universe commit?

It had to be the first thing that Adam did after he ate the fruit. What was it? Look at Genesis 3:8 “Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God” Adam hid from the God, the community of Love. That was the first sin, separating from God. God came looking for Adam. God never hid Himself from Adam, Cain, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, on down but man hid from God.

What was the first fruit of this separation, Cain killed Able.

What we call sins (murder, rape, homosexuality, gossip) are just the fruit of the separation. The results of the separation are manifest in many ways.

Separation from God’s Love, community with God is Sin.

Ask a Jew about the law and they will say it teaches you how to love your neighbor. The rules are there so you can be positioned to know God’s Love and express it to others. How many times are the Jews charged to, and rebuked for not, caring for the widow, the poor, and the traveler.

The Jews failed in spreading the Love and healing the separation. That is why Jesus came to take away or heal the Sin of the cosmos (separation from community with God).

The separation can be manifest in many ways and we get distracted trying to deal with the fruit of separation rather than the cause.

Jesus has called us out of the separation and into His assembly or community of Love. When we find someone involved in the fruit of separation, we just show them the healing of the Community with God / Love.

When the root of separation is healed the fruit of separation just dries up and dies


Wow, what a great theory, and beautifully written. I have never thought of it that way! Wasn’t eating the fruit a sin, though, in and of itself? And what sin was it? I don’t think disobedience. Maybe trying to BE God? Not just be LIKE God, which Adam and Eve already were as made in His image, but to have “the knowledge of Good and Evil” so that they wouldn’t need Him any more? I don’t have any answers, just a lot of questions and thinking out loud!
:heart: Sarah


You are right, separation form God is why man is in such a fallen deplorable state. But separation from God is the result not the reason for mans fallen condition. It was knowingly disobeying God about the fruit that was not to be eaten. You may know this but your statement seams to say otherwise.


The fact that God came looking for Adam and Eve indicates that the disobeyance could be forgiven within the community of God’s Love, but then they hid from Him and separated themselves form from the community.
If your child disobeys you and runs and hides from you, to the point of moving out of your house, when you approach him. How can you help him?


I lean toward agreeing with @d.marsden on this one, in that distance from God is the result, not the sin. But I still hesitate to say that disobedience was the main issue with the fruit eating. Lucky and I were out to dinner tonight and actually spent quite a while talking about this. We came to a tentative “conclusion” (I never really come to hard-stop conclusions, I am more a person of evolving understanding) that the big sin behind eating the fruit, which led to the distance from God, was rejection of God. Isn’t that still the only sin that will send a person to Hell? Rejecting Jesus? Saying, “No, thanks, I don’t need you, I don’t want what you have to offer” is still the only finally damning sin - and I think that’s what was going on in the Garden when Eve decided to eat that fruit. She didn’t want what God was offering, wanted to be “without a need for” God, wanted to do/be/have it all herself, on her own terms. As a parent myself, disobedience (a common occurrence with 2 kids under 3) doesn’t break relationship between my kiddos and I - rejection, on the other hand, is a bigger deal (expecting to see more of that in about 10 years, sigh!).

Anyway, just our thoughts!

<3 Sarah


I have been also talking about this subject with others and one fellow had this observation,
“I also noticed the R words we use when we talk about what Jesus accomplished on the Cross: reconciliation, redemption, restoration, release. All have to do with relationship.”

So two things happened in the Garden, we broke our relationship with God and we obtained the knowledge of Good and Evil.

While the Knowledge of Good and Evil is not wrong, Adam and Eve lacked the Ability, the Perspective and the Wisdom to use this knowledge. The naked body now became evil and they had to cover themselves. They judged themselves evil so they had to hide from God. They had to knowledge but not the ability to apply it correctly. This knowledge affected the relationship they had with God, hiding from Him.
“you shall surely die” this happened with Able. The first fruit of the knowledge.

Throughout the Bible there is a term used " every man did that which was right in his own eyes."
Even today Good and Evil are considered Relative.

When we are reconciled back to a relationship with God, through the Love of Jesus, we can then see Good and Evil through God’s Love.

We are in community with God and other believers, and this gives us the proper Perspective.


If someone drinks poison but refuses the antidote how can you help them?