What is unchurching?


What exactly is unchurching? Is it anti-church? No! In fact, the term “unchurching” was inspired by the term “unschooling” which was a word used by early leaders of the homeschool movement. Just as “unschooling” wasn’t anti-education, it was simply about removing education from the classroom and returning it to the living room, “unchurching” isn’t about separating believers from church community; it’s about separating genuine church community from the business model of today’s church corporations.

Again, that’s the short version. To truly understand what unchurching is about and fully participate in the conversations on this forum, I highly recommend reading the book, Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity. Also, check out this first episode of The Unchurching Podcast, my online comic book titled Why Christians Don’t Need to Go to Church, as well as some of my animated explainer videos on YouTube.

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