Who is Richard Jacobson?


Most of you guys already know this info, but I’m adding a little bio of myself for any visitors who might want to know about the guy behind unchurching.

Hello, my name is Richard Jacobson and I’m an artist, author, and ex-pastor. In 2003, I actually quit my full-time job as a pastor—then 3 years later quit attending institutional churches altogether—because I was having a crisis of faith. I wasn’t having doubts about God or even doubts about the church. Instead, I was having doubts about the way we do church. The first churches were simple Christian communities; legally speaking, today’s churches are corporations.

Drawing upon my experience as a writer and artist, I created a series of cartoons and animated explainer videos about the contradictions between the churches we read about in the Bible and the churches we attend on Sunday mornings. Eventually, this lead to the publication of my book, Unchurching: Christianity Without Churchianity, and an accompanying podcast. I also created an online comic titled, Why Christians Don’t Need to Go to Church. And most recently, I delivered a TED Talk on unchurching.

If you’ve read this far, I assume it’s because you’re new to this forum. So, please make yourself at home and enjoy reading our discussions. If you love Jesus but find yourself frustrated and unsatisfied with today’s institutional church model, I hope this forum proves you’re not alone, and you’re not a heretic for feeling this way. Also, here’s a link to a great set of posts to help you get started on the forum.


He is half man, half Yeti.


Good to know this. It’s short and all in one place. Originally it took me quite a while and a bit of surfing to assemble the story. Good idea. People do want to know this information before and when they first get involved.


Thank you, @midnightoil, I appreciate that. Yeah, I’m trying to make everything a bit more accessible to folks outside my existing circle. I’m hoping this TED Talk gets published soon, and that it brings a lot more new folks into this conversation.