Worship Music - 'the best' - purely subjective!


A topic that hasn’t been touched on hardly at all - MUSIC, specifically worship music. I have a “playlist” of my absolute favorite worship music that I can pull up almost anytime I want. It is on my computer and my iPhone, and I can listen as well as participate almost anywhere - at work, at play, resting, mowing, etc.
Personally, I love music that is soothing, and directed toward our loving Father God. I don’t care for “worship leaders” or performers who seem to be drawing more attention to themselves than to God and Jesus. I also want my worship music to be solid and sound with theology and Scripture. Again, personally, I don’t readily care for some of the music that has propagated in the “millennial”-focused church settings. Especially lots of repetition of verses or choruses, or lots of loud (screaming, screeching, hype…) “craziness.” (I am really letting out my opinions, here - hey that’s who I am.)

Face it, I am older (65 now), so my tastes are what they are. But I am also open to new worship music as well.

For instance, I really appreciate Michael W. Smith (“Breathe” - “I can hear your voice” - “Ancient Words”) and Bob Fitts (YWAM) (“I believe” - “Is that really you Lord” - “He is Lovely”), Michele Pillar, Petra, Hillsong, Vineyard, and so on. When I have a little more time, I will share my full FAVORITE WORSHIP list here.

What are your favorites?


Definitely unfortunate about Ray Boltz - we saw him in concert. Then his ‘junk’ hit the fan - so to speak. Very unfortunate. Soured me on him - don’t want/need the spirit of this age. Thanks for your input!


John Mark McMillan. Son Lux. The Collection.

However I’ve found in gatherings nothing is better than hymns and spirituals. Simple stuff everybody can sing along with.


Here goes. This is my first time in any discussion in this forum. Worship music is as implied to worship Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As a former worship music musician I often felt I was a performer. Many many times I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in pre service rehearsals. The power was incredible. Then come service time and It felt like a " performance". That could be on me and other player, perhaps We didn’t have the skill of translating the emotion to my brothers and sisters. But often times I would look into the people and saw no emotion, simply people singing. My point is weither playing or listening to music that worships our creator it should fill your heart with the love grace and mercy of our Lord. I too am north of 65 so not all styles of music appeal to me, but if whatever you listen to speaks to you and encourages you to worship, and spend time with the Lord it is all good. Bye for now, Triumph.


Hi I am hearing impaired. So I don’t listen to a lot of music anymore. I do enjoy creating my own worship songs when I am alone.


I look forward to seeing your list! I enjoy old and new songs that lift up Jesus and are scriptually sound.


I like that phrase, “north of 65.” I am right there with you!


That encourages me to put “my list” of favorite worship music here. I love music that doesn’t “get in the way,” but rather points right to Father God with as little ‘performance’ or drawing attention to the worship team/leader as possible. Blessings!


My Absolute Favorite Worship Playlist
I can listen to this almost anytime. I usually set it to “shuffle” to play in random order.
Trying a “screen shot” here to see if it is readable. Let me know if any questions.


We All Bow Down - wonderful worship music.


This also is what I am talking about. I JUST came across this on YouTube.
For Your Name is Holy by Paul Wilbur (album - Jerusalem Arise)

John 4.23 But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers.
24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

Philippians 3.3 for we are the true circumcision, who worship in the Spirit of God and glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh…

I believe in the worship, not the trappings that hang people up. Blessings, all!


All great expressions of our love and worship of the Lord. The Lord can and does use music to lead people to Him, opening a door for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives. We … may never see the fruits of our efforts in sharing the music of our love of God, But I believe it has and will continue to lead people to God. God’s love is in many genres of music. Thanks for sharing your list Paul.


Southern Gospel bluegrass


Very beautiful version of this song. Wonderful! Thank you!


Thank you so much for this list, Paul. I had forgotten about some of these songs. Do you subscribe to a music service, or is this compiled from your own cd’s?


Maybe not worship music but I am always tuned to “secular” artist that have a heart toward God. Check this one out by Van Morrison. If it doesn’t fit into this category maybe should start a new one of “secular” music with a positive message.


And my husbands favourite…

And just one more that I think has a totally positive message for this world


I listen to “The Good Christian Music Blog” via their YouTube playlists. They have an eclectic compilation: electronica, hip-hop, indie, and worship.

A group that is not featured there, but one I listen to at least once a day is Brian Shilts & the High Country River Drinkers. They are relatively new with only two albums (also available on YouTube). They have an Americana/Folk bent which those like me who hail from the Bluegrass region can appreciate.


Hi, @teacherpower - these are songs from my own collection on my computer. I have either copied them from my own CDs, or gotten them from iTunes, or ??? When I discovered making “playlists” I was absolutely sold! I have around 3,500 songs in my music library - with a very wide variety of genres and types. This particular playlist of my favorite worship songs is my go-to quite often - these songs are part of my being, they are a vehicle for me to enjoy the knowledge and presence of the Lord. They help bring me back around without advertising or interference when “the world” becomes so angry and noisy and demanding!

If there are any other songs similar, I am very open to hearing them. There are a number of other songs also precious to me in another playlist that I call “worship heights.” I love the variety, as long as they fit into my own subjective standards - each one of us is different, with different tastes.


Cool song - Van Morrison - Whenever God Shines His Light (above). I would put this into a playlist called something like “Funky Fun Worship!”
Music is so wonderful - universal language!